I’m Cara.

I started this project five years ago as a way to express myself creatively, but also to document my life through writing. My first post was published when I was 21, breaking into academia, breaking up with my boyfriend, and breaking some silence. Writing has always held me accountable. Overtime, I refined the skill of drafting pieces with concision, and the ability to communicate with people from around the world based on feelings we’ve shared at different times, in separate places. Rebranded from The Feeble Optimist (throwback), Nous is translated to ‘we’ in French, and in English it references a sort of intellect, a common sense. I’m still figuring it out, being 20-something is really hard. I consider myself an adult, but in a lot of ways I’m still welcoming experiences for the first time. There’s an innocence and vulnerability in myself that I express using Nous. Whether you’ve met me, or if we’re still strangers, I hope you can identify with my writing. I want you to register honesty, fear, integrity, and anguish, and know there is someone, somewhere sharing that sensation: toi et moi.